Report on an excursion to a Dairy farm in the town of Berry, New South Wales. the aim was to discover the process involved with dairy farming

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Berry is a quiet, historic town which has become a fashionable spot for a day or weekend trip. It is on a flat plain like valley surrounded by subtle hills as well as beautiful, bold mountainous area. Located in the Shoalhaven region, south coast New South Wales, it is a comfortable two hours drive south from Sydney and is east of Kangaroo Valley and west of Gerroa and the well known Seven Mile Beach.

The aims of the excursion were to discover the process involved with dairy farming, and how this interact with the environment for example impact that natural disasters have on the farm.

The year 9 geography school excursion was held at Mr McIntosh's dairy farm in Woodside Park, Berry. The McIntosh's farm is altogether 145 ha, they own 120ha and lease 25ha. . The predominant soils found on the farm are, Clay Loom in the hilly sections and Sandy Allurion the river flats.

The grass that is grown from these soils is Summer Rye Grass, Kikuyu and clover. The average annual rainfall is 1200mL the rain comes primarily in Autumn unlike Nowra which has a different rainfall pattern to Berry. The farm has received more than average in the last Autumn and if continues it should be above annual rainfall average.

The main breed of cattle owned is Holstein Friesian they have 250 on the farm they also have two Jersey cows. The breeding techniques involved are naturally and by artificial insemination which involves getting a bulls semen and freezing it in liquid nitrogen Which can be stored for up to 20 years, then selling it. So many of the calf's are from top cows all over the world. The milking herd consists of 180 cattle and produces 2500L of milk a day whish is about 25L...