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Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy

2 days ago Jesus cured an old guy with leprosy at a nearby town because of his kindness.

"He just talked to the old man and told him it will be ok and then he touched him and he was healed", said Jessica King, a witness.

How does Jesus do such miracles like this?

"I reached out and told him I am willing, be clean and then I touched him and the leprosy left him", said Jesus.

Jesus calls himself the son of God could this be true? Some people think he is some people think he isn't but how does this man do such things.

The man with leprosy has had this disease for many years asked help for many years but not even the doctors knew how to heal this disease. So how did Jesus heal a man with leprosy if the doctors don't know how to?

"Jesus came up to me and I said you can heal me if you wanted to because of his reputation of healing and he told me I am willing and he healed me", said the man.

Jesus has many followers called the disciples they help him in many of his healings.

"I don't know how he does the things he does but its really amazing how he does it and his a really nice guy and that is why I am one of his followers", said John

Will Jesus do anymore of these really amazing healings?