Proposal to design a website that would offer customers ability to shop online.

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Work Tasks

The objective of this project is to design a website that would feature an online gallery of the company's products. The target of this website would be to allow customers to buy, bid, order or sell networking hardware in an effort to boost the company's on site sales team. This endeavor will involve digitizing the company's products that are for sale and uploading them to a CD or similar storage material for final display on the finished website. The website will allow selection of products with a variety of payment options along with the customer's choice of shipping options. Customers will also be able to upload requirements for orders and make customizations on existing products. This will allow customers to bid on items, request rain checks for products not currently listed on the website. Once the website is up, the staff of your company will be trained on adding products to the site, logging on to the website to generate sales reports, shipping reports and any other relevant data.

The website will be fully automated to allow an effortless system whereby the only thing that your company's staff will need to do at the close of each business day will be to check their email for the day's sales and complete the shipping instructions. Payment for products by customers will be automatically deposited into your company's bank account after credit cards, checks, money orders and wire transfers have been processed. The emphasis of this website will be an easy to navigate, user friendly format with an encryption system that is more advanced than Department of Defense specifications to deliver a highly secure and safe shopping experience.


For this project, my firm will provide all materials necessary for successful completion of the website. My firm will provide software,