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All Tune and Lube (ATL) is a small, Nogales, AZ-based full service auto care center. All Tune and Lube is founded on the idea that the customers' satisfaction is indispensable to the financial well-being of the organization. The management and staff will be working hard to ensure that all the customers' expectations are exceeded.

However, the auto repair industry by its very nature is a very competitive service-oriented business. All Tune and Lube will be distinguished by offering a stress-free repair service and a fully stocked parts warehouse to save customers' valuable time.

ATL's keys to success will include:

- Expedient and convenient auto repair services.

- Growing and maintaining a loyal customer base.

- An extensive auto parts inventory.

- Rapid order and installation of major auto parts.

- Work with our customers on a personal level.

Currently, All Tune and Lube management squanders approximately 30% to 75% of their valuable time handling various and assorted administrative duties associated with operating an auto repair center, including keeping and updating auto parts inventory and prices in a paper logbook.

Time is lost completing auto repairs waiting for parts that should be in stock. All Tune and Lube is not meeting its goal of customer service and satisfaction; this has caused lost business since customers are unwilling to wait. This is a service-oriented business and depends on pleasing the customer always; All Tune and Lube must continually compete against other local shops and the big car dealerships.

Certainly, All Tune and Lube's decision to implement a software solution to make it competitive and improve its service is weighed against some of the following questions. In looking for software solutions, questions like the following will need to be asked. What do we need? How much product did we...