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Our world is full of seemingly miraculous processes. From a warm summer rain, that can wash away all of our transgressions like the baptism of a new born, to a ghostly coastal fog that wants to pull you down in to Davey Jones' locker and keep you in frigid solitude, for all the rest of your days. Even though these complex occurrences seem surreal, they aren't, but the supernatural qualities that they seem to possess are what set's them apart. There is a natural process that makes these things happen.

Shooting stars are the celestial highlights of the atmosphere and can be similar to an invisible friend. They're there to listen to a soliloquy while we sit alone and allow us to clear our minds in times of distress. The serenity of a meteor shower can be therapeutic. They have also been the backdrop of a typical teenage weekend, after the car has been parked on an inconspicuous canal bank and the ignition switch turned off.

Many feelings and memories can be evoked by simply catching sight of this silent event. Most of us could probably relate to the latter, but some probably can't really envision how a meteor shower could be therapeutic.

Every once in a while life seems to get the best of us. C'mon you can admit it. Even the most effervescent personality is susceptible to the blues. A lot of people have vices to compensate their symptoms, some drink, some write, some play X-Box, etc the list is endless. At one time or another we all like to be alone. A slow drive to catch some air quickly turns in to a trek, to find a quiet spot in order to ponder the meaning of life and the direction it's going.

Driving down the back country...