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A company is a large corporation of a smaller company; privacy policies as a mission statement are an important part of today's workplace. The word privacy means a few things: it is the quality or state of being apart from company or observation, or freedom from unauthorized intrusion and it is a place of seclusion (Merriam-Webster).

We have analyzed three small companies: Medical Center for Bone and Joint Disorders, Premier Physical Therapy and James E. Carlson Physical Therapy.

The Medical Center for Bone and Joint Disorders is a medical practice of approximately 35 employees. The employee handbook had one privacy policy, which stated that the practice has the right to conduct a personal search in accordance to state law. This search can include purses, lockers, lunch boxes and work area. These searches can take place at any time. Those employees that refuse to cooperate with the search will not be permitted on the premises.

After the search is completed if it is believed that the employee is in possession of stolen property or illegal drugs, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action including being discharged (Medical Center for Bone & Joint Disorders).

Premier Physical Therapy is small office of about 20 employees. The privacy policy for this company stated and emphasized the privacy between the employee and the patient. The policy states the importance of not taking the patient for granted, and the importance of keeping the patient happy. It states that the employee will not discuss a patients' medical condition with other patients. Internal affairs are not to be discussed with patients. No criticizing involving other companies and to avoid conversations involving patients in general in all public places (Premier Physical Therapy).

James E. Carlson Physical Therapy is the smallest company of the three...