"The Possibility of Evil" by Shirley Jackson

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In Shirley Jackson's "The Possibility of Evil", the title is not appropriate because

of the pleasant setting of the story. This can be proved by the respect that Miss Adela

Strangeworth gave to the town and her nice as well as caring behavior towards the people

in the town. Primarily, the setting of the story is calm and peaceful like a decent society.

This can be proved by the quotation, " Miss Strangeworth's little town looked washed

and bright". This analyzes that in a little town everything seems to be perfect and has

fresh as well as clear surrounding with no chance of evil. Secondly, Miss Strangeworth

shows respect to her town the same way that her grandmother used to. When Miss

Strangeworth says, " My mother tended them, just as I do" which clearly proves that she

has the same good feeling for the town like her grandmother.

There is no harm and no

possibility of evil but instead it is being appreciated by Miss Strangeworth. Lastly, Miss

Strangeworth's behavior is nice and caring to the people in town. It is proved when Miss

Strangeworth walks down the street and says good morning and asks people's health

which proves that she has good feelings and emotions for other people. She asks about

their health, which clearly indicates that she, is a caring and loving woman. In

conclusion, the setting of the story, Miss Strangeworth's respect to her town and her nice

as well as caring behavior effectively proves that there is no evil present in the novel and

the title The Possibility of Evil is not well-suited for the story.