Was Polanyi right to argue that "work is a vital human institution and an end in itself, not just a means to aggregate social wealth?" How do labor rights relate to the five goals of development?

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Polanyi right was right

In Italy, the workers do have loads of holidays, so immigration workers can go home to see their families. During the time of their holiday, it is pay too. The law protects the workers, and understands human beings are not machines, so they need more time to rest instead of working continuously.

Polanyi right wasn't right

Polanyi right is saying that human works should not only for aggregate social wealth, but if people do not aim to work for aggregate social wealth, they won't make any money, and also it cannot help the growth of economy. Apparently, people need to work hard and more to gain more money, and have a better living standard, at this point, Polanyi is not that right because only work with effort can produce profit.

How do labor rights relate to the five goals of development?

The five goals of development are democracy, order, equality, autonomy and economic growth.

Labor right relate to economic growth

- Provide adequate labor rights to the workers in order to increase productivity, this is a very efficient way to make profit. (Economic growth in a long run)

- The United States labor rights have actually moved the labor market from American citizens towards immigrants or to foreign countries altogether in order to reduce labor costs. Under this situation, out-sourcing appears, but at the same time, the US business company can make more profit since their principle is lower.

Labor right being provided to the sexual labors

- They will be protected under law

- Sex workers' human right is being violated, also in Turkey, there is an extreme serious discrimination of sex workers.

- More benefits to the sex workers, and not being harassed under an unwilling situation

On the other hand, if the labor rights are provided to the sex workers, then sex trade should have to be legalized because only the legalization can help them to be protected under law. Sex trade can be viewed only an occupation, those women also want to keep their living or solve their families' financial problems, so they should be protected. Even though they are paid to be sex workers, but it is not right to be discriminated always.

Problems of legalization

- Increase the spread of disease such as HIV/ AID etc

- Encourage more women to be sex workers, because it can earn quick cash

- Even though safe sex is always promoted, but it increases the potential of spreading the disease.

- If legalizing, the gender inequality will be widen because it brings down the image of the women.