Persuasive speech "Profanity is taking over America"

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ZUT J"AI OUBLIE MA PAROLE. Oh excuse me and pardon my French. Now thats a phrase you don't here very often anymore. Probably because that in todays society, profanity is an expected part of life; so integrated into our culture that parents don't even refrain from swearing in front of their own children. The billboard music charts have song that have lyrics that when translated into more "scientific" language sates "this feces is bananas. Artist like Eminem have song titles that I would not repeat in front of my little cousins. And thus my thesis: Profanity is taking over America. So let's analyze what profanity is, who uses it and why, and the effects of such profanity.

First let's define what profanity is. According to Websters Unabridged Dictionary, profanity simply put is something that is profane. Well thank you Captain Obvious. So lets exstrapulate from Justice Potter Stewart's definition of pornography, I can't define it but i know it when i hear it.

Now that we're clear lets talk about who uses profanity in our American society. Teenagers are the biggest culprits with an outrageous 87% of all teenagers using profanity on a day-to-day basis. However teenagers are not the only ones, adults are guilty also. The largest groups of these adults are the "entertainers" and, the not so entertaining, politicians. Why do they use profanity? For teenagers, according to psychologists like Dr. Francis Compton, a lecturer that has spent 30 years studying adolescent behavior, profanity is used as a way to feel mature. But it is mainly used because there is no reason not to and it gets our point across. Like when i yell SEXUAL INTERCOURSE you can tell that i am upset. Entertainers use it to sell themselves as "cool and hip" They also use...