Persian Letters: Troglodyte and Harem Correlation

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For society to be fully functional it requires of system of organization. If you look at every powerful nation of the world, past and present, you notice there was an organized structure within the society. That is one of the points that Montesquieu emphasizes in his novel, Persian Letters. Through the story of the Troglodytes, letters about the harem, and other random letters concerning government he discusses the possible outcomes to societies without any organization.

In Letter 11, Usbek tells the story of the troglodytes as he takes the reader through their history. As he goes through, he makes it a point to discuss how their society is affected by each new event. The story started with them having a king who was unable to control them but they killed him in order to "reform their natural wickedness." They decided "each one would look after his own interests exclusively, without considering those of others" (p.54).

This barbarian state would soon lead to their collapse for they were unable to fully provide for themselves on their own. The alliances that were broken, the lies, deceit, and stealing were not punished because the bigger man always won, literally. Having no responsibility to anyone or anything left many behind, killing much of the race. There was a time when the Troglodytes were very sick and a doctor came to help them, but they refused to pay for his services because they were not forced to by anyone. When disease struck again the Doctor refused to come back and help, leaving many more to die. After the series of events that had occurred, the entire race of Troglodytes was deceased but two, these two "understood what justice was; they loved virtue" (p.58). They resurrected the race and gave it structure to make...