Parents Who Lack Common Sense

Essay by hpbrasileirahp September 2006

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I don't claim to understand many things, but I've been told when it comes to common sense, I have it. I think I happened to learn (slowly but surely) from my mistakes, but I also think there are just some things you should just know.

I would think that parents would have or should have common sense, but maybe also some protective urges that would tend to also keep their children safe. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe there are just some parents that are too busy being busy, or are trying to get their children to be older than they are that they just don't stop to think. I don't know.

A couple of situations here...

If you have a five year old, and lived by water (or not, doesn't really matter), would you let that child wander anywhere besides right in front of your face? One parent did that lives in my city.

The five year old walked on to ice in a creek, and fell under. His slightly older (a couple of years) couldn't reach him (thank god or she'd be where he is) and ran to get help. The child was found under water an hour later. He was brought to the hospital my sister works at, then transfered downtown because of the severity of his condition. They don't know if he is going to make it.

Next I learned of an 8 year old that was operating his very own snowmobile up north. His father was on a seperate one, and was ahead of the 8 year old. The dad crossed some train tracks, looked back and saw a train approaching. He (tried) to get his son to NOT cross the tracks, but guess what? The boy was 8. He didn't know better. The...