Organisational Change

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Organizational culture is a dynamic system of shared values, beliefs, philosophies, experiences, habits, expectations, norms, and behaviors that give an organization its distinctive character. It defines what is important to an organization, the way decisions are made, the methods of communication, the degree of structure, the freedom to function independently, how people should behave, hoe they should interact with each other, and what they should be striving for. Because each organization is unique, each organizational culture will be different!


Key Organizational Processes - The processes that people follow within an organization to gather information, communicate, make decisions, manage work flow, and produce a good or service.

Dominant Coalition - The objectives, strategies, personal characteristics, and interrelationships of its managers, who form the dominate coalition.

Employees and Other Tangible Assets - The quality and quantity of the employees and other resources have a large effect on the culture of an organization.

Formal Organizational Arrangements - How jobs are organized and the rules and procedures for accomplishing them affect the culture.

Social Systems - Employee relationships, the grapevine, and informal structure of the organization help define the norms of behavior that form the organizational culture.

Technology - The use of machines to ease work for employees or to replace employees communicates to everyone the values in the company and affects organizational structure.

External Environment - Changes in the external environment lead to changes in the internal environment that necessitates changes to the structure which changes the culture.

Manifestations of Culture

The culture of an organization becomes obvious in many ways:

Mission Statements - A great deal about a companies culture can be determined from reading the mission statement. A statement that emphasizes quality or customer service will be a clear indicator of the areas that will emphasized in the...