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General Introduction

This chapter briefly describes some present trends on developing online tutorials. The problem statement will also be briefly looked at which will form a basis for the aims and objectives of the thesis. Once the aims and objective are defined a general introduction will be given to flash as this tutorial would be teaching flash. ASP which is a server sided scripting language will also be briefly introduced as it was used for developing the online tutorial.


Word Wide Web is covered by a vast pool of online tutorials. Even with the recession in the dotcom world over the past few years online tutorials have had very insignificant effect. There are numerous online tutorials which are offered for no cost at all. Some online tutorials are offered for a fee generally these type of tutorials are aimed at teaching very advanced and complex topics or they are learning environments with facility for the students to meet the tutor over video conferencing etc.

Quality of the tutorial also depends on the time and money invested into it. Online tutorials are also very famous among the student community and busy professional because they are affordable. Online tutorials can be accessed any where and at any time. This is one feature which gives online tutorials and advantage which can not be matched by any other teaching technique.

Aims and Objectives

This project is a research implemented software development project. The aim of this project is to review teaching techniques and methods, build a tutorial web site which teaches flash.

* Complete literature search and literature review for Building a tutorial web site.

* To research on teaching techniques and evaluate online teaching techniques.

* To identify current technologies to build e-commerce web site.

* To compare ASP technology with...