Objectives for A-Level Business coursework

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Identify the potential target audience

To complete this objective I will complete primary research to find out the demographics of those who express an interest in computer related training. I will conduct this primary research in the form of a questionnaire that will ask a series of questions to establish standard demographics as well as psychographics of the audience to decide how they can be best targeted. I will have achieved this objective when I have a set of quantitative data that outlines the prominent gender that my training would appeal to, the main occupations (which would give an indication as to the person's disposable income), average price they would be willing to spend on a training session and the location that they would like it to take place. Qualitative data that I intend to collect includes what people would like to learn and on what basis they judge their computing ability.

Analyse pricing strategies

As part of the questionnaire which will form the basis of my primary research, I will ask consumers how much they would be willing to pay for computer training. This will allow me to easily analyse a suitable price range. The associated question will be a closed question which will aim to collect a quantitative set of data that I can use to easily identify a suitable price range. I will have achieved this target when I have a very clear idea of a suitable price to charge consumers for the training sessions.

Identify the initial start-up costs and suggest relevant means of financing the project

I will use the primary data collected in my survey to establish whether rental of a property would be required. If people state that they would prefer the training to be completed in a designated property then I would...