The next step towards achieving the goal of becoming a successful technical professional?

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I plan on getting a position within a company that offers room for advancement, so I can begin to grow my career. I need to find that position as an entry-level technical professional because I have no experience in the IT field yet. When I get that position I can work towards my goal as a network administrator or supervisor. I am going for my bachelors degree, and I know that would help, but for now I am looking for a job to pay the bills.

I also plan on reviewing all that I have learned this quarter so that I can apply my teachings into achieving my goals. I will assess myself and figure out what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. I plan on buying a Macintosh in order to familiarize myself with a new kind of operating system experience and run new applications and programs I haven't used before.

I am going to practice my typing, my goal is 55 words per minute (WPM) to broaden my level of skills as a technical professional.