New Challanges in Human Resorce Management

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We have started the next millennium. The new challenges that we will face in this millennium can only be anticipated, but the direction that we will tread is quite clear. Change is happening, and it is happening right now in today's business world. We can sit around idly and watch, but we will get left behind. We have to recognize this change and adapt to it in order to be successful.

The last century has belonged to the manufacturing industry, starting with Henry Ford's assembly line in 1913. This millennium will belong to the convergence of Information Technology. There are no longer structured boundaries with in the business industry. With such great advancements in technology there is no longer a need for traditional business hours, or office space. E-Business have emerged such as eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo, and they offered more than products, they have offered the convince if never leaving your home.

The Business world is now a virtual world that never sleeps or rests. With laptops, cell phones, internet, PDA's, and email- business is happening twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The IT industry is a service industry. How well are you able to offer quality service to individuals and organizations will determine the success of your organization. This leads us to the fact that the creativity, innovativeness, knowledge and skill of your employees are your important assets. How you are able to manage these assets is the challenge that the IT industry is facing. It is not capital or finance or marketing management that gives the competitive edge but rather how well you are able to manage your human resources whose intellectual applications drive your business.

New boundaries, new behavior, new technology, new rules; these are the challenges now facing Human Resources. This shift...