My Thoughts on "The Rocking Horse Winner"

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My first impression of the story was that all the characters were good hardworking people but after reading the first page I realized that they were all a bunch of wannabe rich people. They also were winning most of the time about their problem which is not a very good character trait. I really didn't like this story it is a very odd and useless story about spoiled rich people who cant do anything for them selves. Another reason why I didn't like the story is because the mother who is supposed to be the caretaker for the family and support the entire unit. Instead she has nurses take care of her kids and she blames luck on her misfortune in finance. This women seems completely unfit to run a family anyone who relies on luck to maintain their life is incapable of making good discussions for other people manly her children.

I also thought the story didn't go into enough detail about all the other people in the family. If the author would spend a little less time exploring Paul's gambling problem and more time on the family values of the dysfunctional family maybe this would be a more interesting story. Something that did surprise me was the way Paul found out what horse was going to win the race. This kind of confused me because it almost gives Paul super human powers. Or it's the horse that has some telepathic powers to tell Paul the winner which seems very improbable. Another thing I don't understand fully is if the family was having so many financial problems then why didn't they stop buying so many expensive things during christmas and why did they employee a nurse, maid and gardener. I mean they had three kids if they out there...