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What do you create when you get two singers and put them in a movie to act? A lot of cheesy scenes, an amusing story line, and of course not much talent. The movie Moon Child is a Japanese film directed by Takahisa Zeze that doesn't bring much to the table except a couple of great J-Rockers and a story line that seriously needs some help. Moon Child is a result of an interesting attempt to combine mafia, drama, vampires, and sci-fi into one. As a result, these genres are so diverse that the film doesn't work in any one of those categories; but that's what happens when the director isn't content with making a movie that fits into one genre and instead puts in rock stars to patch in the flaws.

This movie is set in the future, in a city called Mallepa, where there is racism and tension going on between different Asian groups.

As a result, there is a large amount of crime going on and many people are poor. A boy named Sho (Gackt) and his friends are at one point almost killed by the local mafia, but then they are rescued by a vampire named Kei (HYDE). As Sho grows up he and Kei become very close friends, get into all kinds of trouble, have gun fights, and occasionally Kei feeds on the local criminals to satisfy himself. But tension between them starts to grow when they both fall in love with the same girl. Overall, the plot can be confusing at times since the story goes all over the place and doesn't explain certain events clearly. The movie itself didn't even look like it was placed in the future and if it wasn't for the occasional reminder of the script,