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Within this assignment the intention is to discuss the biological, psychological and social models and perspectives of care. This will be achieved through examining the influences of each model and their effects upon the practice of mental health care. Some historical information will be provided to give explanation of the background into the evolution of social and moral perspectives that have shaped mental health care practice throughout the ages.

" The history of mental illness has long been a process of trial and error

Guided by public attitudes and medical theory with each society

Developing its own responses. By tracking these developments, a

deeper understanding of human interaction and acceptance of this

disability can be gathered". Wikipedia(2006).

Throughout the entire history of human kind, mental illness has always been perceived within the form of something "wrong." The concept of mental illness during prehistoric, stone age times was a very mythical one.

With the belief that mental disorders were of a magical, supernatural origin.

"Mental disease represented a breakdown of the magical-religious system and is

mainly attributed to violation of a taboo, neglect of ritual obligations and demonic

possessions" Mora,(1985).

People whose behaviour deviated from the majority of society would be considered

to have an evil mind. Treatment during these times treatment would be conducted in the forms of spiritualistic ceremonies and crude forms of brain surgery, (trepanning) done by the Shaman. The motive for this would be to allow evil spirits to be released. It has been suggested that stone age cave dwellers may have treated behaviour disorders with this treatment of trepanation. (Sue et al,1990). It appears inevitable that they explained mental illness through a non-scientific cause, because they had not developed scientific techniques to provide a materialistic cause,

The supernatural concept of mental illness still existed through to...