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When you take a look at all the things that have been done in Metropolis, it's impossible not to get impressed. Huge buildings, explosions, flooding, transformation sequences, and robots were all created without the use of computers. All of the effects were staged during the filming or some simple edits after the shoot. All of the effects looked like they were from another dimension. The use of body language is incredible, in several scenes there is clear distinction that shows there is one person who has power and he is elevated much higher than the other submissive character. The light setting was just right, and everything pulled together to enhance the mood of the film.

The story is about a young kid without any cares that becomes concerned about the way that Metropolis was run by his father, which is the leader of the city. The son of a capitalist discovers the horrible working conditions of the factory slaves, so he goes down where the workers work and he sees what is actually happening.

He manages to fall in love with Maria, who preaches nonviolence to the workers. But even the kind of leadership that Maria has is a challenge, so they have the mad-scientist create a robot double to take her place and incite the workers to riot. The story is dramatic, but it's the imagery that makes this film stand out among all others. One of the most impressive images has many workers standing in line to get into the underground city. With the use of many shapes and lighting the effects really enhance the mood of the film.

As the water begins to pour into the city "Death" comes into the picture with his sickle showing that he is about to strike, and many people will...