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TO: All Managers


DATE: April 25, 2006

RE: Expanding marketing areas to include Australia.

On a recent trip to Australia I had the opportunity to extensively tour Sydney and was amazed at the number of businesses and tourist attractions. There are abundant sources of hotel/motel throughout the city. While I ventured through the shops and small businesses a thought entered my mind. We have a successful business here in the United States. We create, prepare and deliver welcome and thank you baskets for businesses. Why not take that idea and use it elsewhere.

Brook's Baskets started out as a home based business. It has grown to be very profitable and with the knowledge and resources available to the company I believe that taking us abroad will only add to the company's success. Our main goal has always been to provide large corporations a way to bond and connect with prospective clients and to keep an open relationship between current and past clients.

With that thought in mind I wanted to take a different approach in Sydney. Not a huge stretch from the service we currently provide.

Sydney is a major tourist attraction. There are eleven prominent hotels in Sydney's high traffic area. I have briefly spoken to several of the managers and they were genuinely excited and agreed that better public relations reflect a positive feedback to the hotels. We would still be doing the same type of baskets. Instead of sending them out to clients we would be delivering them to the hotel and the baskets would be waiting on the business client upon their entering the hotel room.

The baskets would have a wide assortment of products, coupons, tickets, etc from the surrounding areas near the hotel. Not only would the hotel's themselves benefit but...