The McFreeze Is Coming: McDonald's Case Study

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This Case Study will cover the development of my new product at McDonald's: the

McFreeze. Not only will it cover the development, but the marketing behind

implementing the new product. Some of this marketing that will be covered will include:

advertising, pricing, placing and promotion.


My new product the McFreeze will be a knock off of the current Mr. Misty that Dairy

Queen sales. The McFreeze will consist of small frozen ice pellets mixed with your

choice of flavor. The flavors I am planning on using will be: cherry, grape, orange, and

strawberry. This new product will come in two sizes: large and small, with the large

being 32 ounces and the small being 16 ounces . For pricing of this product, I am going to

obtain prices of the Mr. Misty from different areas where it will be sold. I will then set

my price slightly less than Dairy Queen's Mr.

Misty, as a promotion.


Creating the new product will be a slight challenge, since McDonald's does not

stock the fruit flavors or own the necessary machine to produce the ice pellets. Marketing

will need to find the most cost efficient ice pellet maker and one that will take up the

smallest amount of space. Training on this machine will be minimal since the product is

simple to create.


This new product will only be a summertime promotion, unless sales of the product

exceed my revenue goal. I will market the McFreeze to all McDonald franchises in the

United States as a test market, and then may expand overseas if the demand is there