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Human Resource overview

Leadership Style and Motivational techniques used by West Herts. Collage.

The organisation and span of control for the Herts Collage for 2006 is shown on appendix 1, and can easily be obtained from their web site.

Motivation is an important factor for a business. If you do not motivate staff it could result in the following; lead to high absentee seam, more clock watching, higher staff turnover, low effectiveness of staff. This can mean West Herts. Collage lower student pass rate as the teacher are not teaching to their abilities? Poor reputation or reputation lost. Furthermore the collage could find that they are paying more on recruitment cost because staff would leave. Which in turn means lack of funding and less spending for other departments, staff, teacher and students? This could mean growth would ultimately come to a stop or decrease, which may mean no new or less subjects taught therefore no student will come, less services are token up by the supply therefore demand would go dow of and demand would decrease and less funding overall, and less opportunities existing as a whole for the collage west Herts collage.

So the way HR is effectively managing their people in order to get it right. After discussion from the Human recourses Department from West Herts Collage tell told me:

That most of their appraisal and motivational techniques are done through an appraisal structure. It is held annually, the appraisal scheme atmosphere is very and informal.

Performances targets Structure are; first set by both the HR Mangers (please view organisation chart for west Herts) and the employee, taking into considerations any issues they may the employee may not or may hit above his/her targets. In turn the HR department's job is to ask why tell...