Martin Luther King

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Throughout time there have been many great protestors who have made significant changes to the way the world is today, some for the better and some for the worse. One of the most effective and important protestors was a man by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. He had great courage and passion to defeat segregation and racism that existed in the United States. It was due to his influence on all the Blacks to defy white supremacy and his belief in non-violent protest methods that lead to the success of the Civil Rights movement.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 19, 1929 in Atlanta to Albert and Martin Luther King Sr. He was the second child in the family, with an older sister and a younger brother yet to come. As a boy King was extremely clever, he had already set high standards for himself by saying that he would finish school before his year older sister.

He was exposed to racism at a early age when he was not allowed to play with some of his white friends. However it was his father who I believe played the most important role in determining Kings personality. Martin Luther King Sr. helped to support the idea that Blacks should vote. He was involved with the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, an important Civil Rights group. These efforts to improve the way of life for Blacks could be seen by his son who, later in life would make considerable changes to a Black persons way of living.

One of the main changes King strived to make was for everyone to be treated as one, no matter what the colour of their skin. This is appropriately said in one of his most famous speeches of...