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Kudler Fine Foods, an upscale specialty food store, is operating and servicing from three California locations: La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. The first store was opened in La Jolla location in 1998. It was founded by Kathy Kudler and was created to become one-stop shopping experience. Consumers were able to find the freshest ingredients combined with reasonable prices led the company to success. This tremendous success was a part of expansion, store in Del Mar and then few years later store in Encinitas. Expansion was integral in the company's success. It was also the success of all three locations that determined the need for another location (Kudler Fine Foods, 2006). Commitment to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices helped Kudler Fine Foods to achieve solid reputation and maximize profits. As this specialty store experiences a significant growth they focus on expanding their services, increasing the consumer purchase cycle as well as improving the efficiency of their operation.

Those areas must be research before implementing any necessary changes. Constrains such, as additional investment, time or labor must be taken under consideration before implementation of any changes. Some of the areas that additional market research is required include ascertaining consumers needs as well as locating products for additional sales potential.


In order to be successful not only high quality gourmet products but also services offered are important in this process. By offering on-line ordering system, Kudler Fine Foods will be able to approach a wide variety of customers who use their services and order their products. This way the company will be able to expend their current customer base and therefore achieve set goal. These new and attractive services are very appealing as new and existing customers would be able to purchase gourmet foods online and have...