Managing Cultural Diversity

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Cultural differences can impact an organization in many ways; it can strengthen as well as weaken the workforce. With the recent globalization of organizations, it is essential organizations today understand the importance of cultural diversity in order to succeed. Due to variety of languages communication is a key ingredient in any successful business relationship. A business must understand how cultural diversity impacts the organization and how management and human resources address these issues from a corporate level. Any issues that are not addressed can impact the organization negatively, which leads to bad publicity. In our own business human resources understand the importance of cultural diversity. They are dedicated staff in place to make certain all employees are treated equally and fairly as well as the organization is keen to understand the values of maintaining a diversified workforce.

When examining values it is important for a company to ascertain the issues that may weaken an organization.

Some of these concerns can include lack of communication between members of different cultures or race. This can severely cripple an organization. According to Bucher, "organizationally speaking, people with poor diversity skills will strain interpersonal relationships, threaten team spirit and waste time" (p. 150). This lack of communication can deteriorate an organizations ability to function if employees lack the proper tools to be able to adapt within an environment that promotes cultural diversity.

Open communication is one of the most important elements of any company. (so true!) Paul McDonald, an executive director of Robert Half Management Resources suggests "managers should focus on getting their best people more deeply engaged and thus more committed to the organization" (Michelman, 2003, p. 2). Companies have an opportunity to develop an organization where communication is a main component of any decision. McDonalds stresses need for open communication, "...