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Windows based computers are cheaper, easier to use, and more versatile than Macintosh computers. There has always been much debate over which is the better system. There are people who are extreme Macintosh users, and there are people who love Windows, and then there's people in between. The fact is that the majority of home and large business own Windows based systems because of their usefulness in all areas.

Windows based computers are more user friendly for many reasons. Possibly the most obvious of these being that everybody uses them. When everyone is using computers, consistency is very important. If everyone is using a certain operating system and software it is easier to transfer, share, and use the data you create. Windows based systems are the standard in our school, and that is not likely to change soon.

Processors used in windows are being improved more quickly than the Power PC chips that Apple uses from Motorola.

Apple has some catching up to do at the high end of the market. Speed differences, however, aren't a significant factor for ordinary users who don't need anything faster than a 1 GHz Mac or 1.5 GHz Windows for E-mail, Internet, and basic image editing. With the release of the G5 (different chips made by IBM) the Mac has regained much of the speed gap with Windows and this will increase with the move to Intel chips.

Windows also come with the extreme ease of use. Hard drives on Windows can be partitioned without having to wipe all the data on them, Windows manufacturers have added dual-layer DVD burners to most of their offerings; only on the best Macs will you find dual-layer DVD burners, and Windows usually have more empty slots to add memory and peripherals. The right mouse button on...