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A good leader is someone that thinks of the greater rather than him or her-self. Ralph demonstrates this ability numerous times in Golding's "Lord of the Flies". This is what makes him such a great leader. There are many examples in the book to prove this fact. First he thinks about the common good and sets out things to be done. Secondly he tries to take care of the little ones. Lastly he tries to keep order on the island and get everyone rescued. These are the many actions of a responsible leader.

Right at the start of the novel Ralph starts taking responsibility. He starts an election to choose a leader; he points out the need to built shelters (Golding, Page 51). This isn't a selfish act; rather it is for the common good of the survivors of the crash. He also reserves an area of the island for everything that has to be done.

There are places to do one's business, keeping potable water, etc. The islanders also need shelters as it is one of the things needed in order to survive. He points all these things out so that hopefully everyone survives for the time that they are on the island.

There were many kids on the island, big and small. The older children were responsible for everything, but Ralph was the one that took care of the little ones. He asked Piggy to take a count of everyone that everyone that was one the island was accounted for. This is a quality of a good leader since he is organized and tries to maintain a level of control over the survival of the members of the island.

Lastly, he tried to keep a fire running in order to get rescued. He also disregards his...