Looking at Gender Perspectives

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According to Keddie (2005, pp. 84) "...individuals were said to be socialised into same sex roles with traditional modes of femininity and masculinity". Throughout my life I have been either forced or guided into these modes. As seen in the examples from my life, gender is a large part of my identity.

With dancing, I was directed to this path as it was a sociological norm; girls do dancing, boys play football. In this instance, it would be said that the boys that danced were more feminine than masculine, which is not parallel to society standards. Thus, being a female and pursuing an interest in dancing was acceptable and maybe, one would even say, one of the many prerequisites to be classified as feminine. Hence, by dancing my gender was socially constructed to be feminine which was approved by society.

How many little boys do you see walking around with a teddy bear clutched in their arms? This is not a public pedagogy.

By my sister giving me a teddy bear at a young age, I was forced towards femininity. I became attached to it and thus found comfort. This leads to the stereotypical view of females being caring, nurturing and child bearing. I was 'trained' to care for this bear and hence was labelled feminine by society.

With the absence of my mother during my childhood my gender was dramatically affected. My father was my influence and my role model. I would look at him and see him wearing shorts and not a skirt and therefore thought that was what I should do. Not only this but my father was a sports fan and so his interests influenced me to be more masculine than feminine. Not only this, but it also prompted me to be mature for young...