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Aim: Looking at Animal Cells

Materials: Microscope, cells information sheet, prepared slide of human blood, slide of epithelial cells.


1. Collect microscope from trolley.

2. Set up microscope and switch on the microscope light.

3. Scan blood slide and find dispersed field.

4. Draw at least two types of white blood cells and a few red cells.

5. Estimate size of cells.

6. Do two red cells counts and multiply together then compare with white cells. Ratio: white to red is about 1:30

7. Examine, draw, and label epithelial cell.

Observations: The white blood cells were actually red, because of the stain. I found that this made them easier to draw as I could see the individual parts.

Conclusion: I found it interesting to look at some of the different types of human cells in our bodies. The cells were very clear and I found them to be easy to draw.


Cells of Your Body Diagram:

1. A nerve cell is also called a neu.

2. Most of our nerve cells are in our brain and spinal cord.

3. The myelin sheath protects the nerve axons.

4. A disease that may destroy nerve axons is multiple sclerosis.

5. The cilia on lung cells keep the lungs clean.

6. Voluntary muscles look striated because they are usually used more than involuntary muscles.

7. If the heart muscle was voluntary you would have to think every time you need to beat it and you would die.

9. You can tell that there are living cells in your bones because your bones grow.

10. The skin epithelia cell looks just like the onion cell.

Blood Cells

1. The blood cells were about 16µm long.

2. The red blood cells were white and the white cells were red because of the stain...