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The Estaban village was located in the Far East cost of the continent America. The village is located on a lonely island with other completely no outer influences through outer forces, except a dead man who floated to their island and was named Estaban. There were a several villages located on the island which is conducted less 3 to 4 families. The villagers living on the island does not have any in-dept education, they lived their lives accordingly to the myth that their ancestors passed on. They have an imaginative and creative thought.

The Estaban village is a pleasant place to visit, as mentioned before, this place has not been influenced by out forces. Trees have not been cut down, the air has not been polluted, it is a nice place to visit and take in some fresh air. Their village is well decorated, the environment is clean and healthy.

To add another interesting fact about the village is that the villagers have a unique way of thinking that we will never have thought of. If we visit the village, we could experience how people live accordingly to nature, how they hunt and gather with their human instinct.

The village before Esteban arrived was much more undeveloped. They lived accordingly to their own will, and built their houses only for what they actually needed. They had small doors, low ceiling, and small houses and their village was plain without any decorations.

Estaban acted out an important role to the Esteban village, because of his will worked out body and the size of his body. The villagers started to have imaginary thoughts about him. They believed that Estaban could catch fish by just calling their names. The villagers believed that Estaban had supernatural abilities and could control sea waves and...