Will literature outgrow ?

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In today's busy world most people spend a great deal of their time completing tasks and rushing from place to place. Sometimes it becomes very hard to keep up with our jobs, school work, and also to have time to ourselves. Technology is helping us to free up some of our time. It also provides the world with an easy access to a wealth of information. Books are worthless because people don't need them anymore and they don't realize the importance of reading the novels. Our society forgets that literature is something that should be carried over from generation to generation. Nowadays people have lack of time which prevents them from successfully managing their responsibilities, family and social life. Their careers become a priority in their daily schedule. Due to the ability to an easier access to computers, technology allows them for a more efficient use of time. Since there are such prospects people turn away from reading and interpreting literature.

They find media and internet more interesting. Another example why people are not familiar with literature is fame and money. There is nothing more important than wealth, reputation and being admired by certain people.

Today's media helps rich people to be recognized in contemporary world. I find that rich people are not interested in deepening their knowledge of literature. The existence of TV prevents people from reading novels and poetry. There is no need for reading books because most of them are filmed and we can watch them in TV. People don't realize that reading can improve our imagination, creativity, stimulates our sensitivity, educates, and helps us to forget about the responsibilities of our daily life. In conclusion, today people seem to ignore the real values in life. Unfortunately, nowadays the presence of anybody getting emotional about literature...