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Orion Liquor Service will be established at Gravois Road, St. Louis,

Missouri, based on partner ownership and profit sharing of Mr. Anthony and Frederick Martinez. This is primarily a jumpstart, but expected to gain more exposure within three months after opening and projected to get rapid growth within three years. Orion will start as liquorinventory service with the main service of offering liquor stocks to restaurants and bars, accepting orders and delivering the stuffs, however. The plan written here does not limit the opportunity to expand the services to wider coverage.

I. General Information

The company is registered under the name of Orion Liquor Service, Ltd, located on 1423 Gravois Road, St. Louis, Missouri. It gives the main service of

Liquor Inventory for bars and restaurants, and will be operated as small-scale

family business. Orion Liquor Service offers the initial target market for a place with alternative style.

It means that Orion will not come solely as the only liquor supplier in town or in the neighboring area, but it gives different style, specializing in Italian wine, but also providing minor products of local types of wine and drinks. Orion comes with minimum resources, but it has a great potential as with sophisticated technology adaptation and enough equipments for a home scale business. Therefore, it gives a greater lead than other typical business competitors at its size. Orion plans to concentrate with this technology adaptation, that

they will use it, possibly rely on it in the future, to grow the business from scratch, and build its own niche in St. Louis.

II. Market Analysis

St. Louis is a major city with a lot of options for cuisine from all tastes and original recipes in the world. There are also a lot of bars in the city, with different...