Life and Debt

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Jamaica maybe a beautiful country, but it is in a state of economic crisis. Crops and goods are imported from the United States and other countries and they are sold at a cheaper price than locally produced goods. Perhaps developed countries which have a stable economy are dumping their excess goods/ surplus in Jamaica as they can afford to do so as they already have a stable economy. This makes imports cheaper than locally grown goods without even giving Jamaica a chance to be able to produce on their own. However fertilizers and certain minerals which are needed to grow crops also have to be imported, and this my also be one of the reasons why local goods are more expensive.

I feel Jamaica should have a chance of producing goods on their own without having the United States and other economically developed countries interfering. If Jamaicans felt that they could produce on their own without imports taking over, I feel that they can produce their own fertilizers and grow their own crops, giving them a chance to bring up their poor economy.

Jamaica has been producing their own milk, but powdered milk which has been imported from the United States are cheaper and is consumed at a larger scale than their own milk. Powdered milk has a long shelf life but milk can only last for two days, and in Jamaica, milk is dumped because it had become rotten due to a low demand for their own milk due to the existence of a cheaper substitute- powdered milk.

Manufacturers in the United States also send precut clothing to Jamaica to be stitched and sown, never to see these goods again. This is called the "free zone", but I feel that this is sad- goods are imported cheaply and goods...