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Brief - Valentines Production

For my Media practical production, my group and I are producing a one minute horror trailer and a thirty seconds teaser trailer. Our film fiction is called 'The Transfer'; it is about a girl called Nina who transfers to a new college called 'Red Brook'. She makes new friends instantly and becomes popular very quickly. But then one day her new friends gathered around the canteen happens to tell her the tale of 'Room 002'. They reveal to her that students have disappeared once entered into the room. Nina fails to believe that the legend of 'Room 002' is true, she is then dared along with three of her other friends to enter the room on the night of the 1st of February and to stay there till the next day. Many students have been known to disappear on that particular night but the question is will Nina and her friends suffer the same fate?

For our trailer we have decided to start with a medium shot of the outside of the college with a voice over of Jason retelling the legend.

This scene will be filmed outside during the day so therefore there will be no use of lighting for this scene. It will then cut to a close up of Jason still retelling the stories of 'Room 002' in between him telling the stories there will be flashbacks of the legend. The first flashback is a medium shot of one of the friends walking into the forbidden room. Then the camera shot is turn back to where Jason continues retelling the story of 'Room 002' and after that there is a shot of the room slamming shut. It will then cut to Nina and her friends sitting around a canteen table and where Nina...