Job Analysis: Intermediate Systems Administrator

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Job Analysis

The following includes the process of collecting, analyzing, and setting information required for a position, in this case, a systems administrator.


Intermediate/Advanced Systems Administrator

Person Specification

An intermediate systems administrator is required for a large complex site. A systems administrator has to maintain access to systems and undertake any required software updates and corrections in a complex network of over 250 systems including 3 servers.

Job Description

- The required administrator needs strong communication skills and should be capable of writing purchase justifications. He/She should also train novice users in required topics and be able to make internal presentations and assisting other employees in making their tasks easier, explaining system updates.

- He/She should be familiar with the configuration of mail systems, anti spyware and anti virus programs, security fundamentals, system configuration and installation, printer systems, and third party software installations.

- A solid understanding of the UNIX operating system including knowledge on paging and swapping, inter-process communication and file-system concepts including inode, clustering, portioning.

- Ability to write scripts in administrative languages (Perl, VBS Script, Tk, Shell).

- High level of aptitude in modification of C programs and ability to debug.

- Familiarity of fundamental networking and distributed computing environment concepts which includes the ability to configure NFS/ NT domains.

- Ability to use nslookup or dig to check DNS information

- Understanding of routing concepts.

Recruitment Medium

External: advertising through government agencies, newspapers, private employment exchanges with another firm- even though this process is costly, external recruitment offers a choice of applicants with new skills and ideas which is can be a major advantage to the company.

Initial Screening

Quick evaluation of applicant's suitability for the job through a computer based questionnaire assessing applicants reaction to on the job related scenarios, applicant's flexibility and ability...