Jimmy Carter: Peacemaker

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Jimmy Carter's volunteer programs have made him one of the most influential and hardest-working former presidents in the history of the United States. His work post-presidency promoting democracy and aiding health programs has helped to achieve peace in many countries, and helped people to live in sanitary environments around the world.

Hailing from Plains, Georgia, Jimmy Carter grew up in a mostly rural society. He greatly admired his parents, and they both had different influences on his life. "Mama was pretty in her own way, with...eyes that always seemed to sparkle (Carter 110)." She was very easy-going, and juggled a nursing job with grocery shopping and taking care of her children ("James Earl Carter"). His father was stricter, and would sometimes whip Jimmy when he was disobedient (Carter "The Making of A Peacemaker"). Once, when Jimmy got lost in the woods, he feared his father's wrath, but when he was found, and hugged his father, he described that experience as "one of the most unforgettable moments in life (Carter 128)".

His father always pushed Jimmy to reach for his goals, and as a child, Jimmy's only goal was to become a Naval Officer and go to the Academy at Annapolis. From the time he was six years old, that was his only ambition (Carter "The Making of A Peacemaker"). Another part of his childhood that influenced him greatly was his faith. Whenever he gives speeches, he usually quotes from the scriptures. He believes that an unswerving faith is the one thing a person can hold onto (Carter "The Making of A Peacemaker"). His parents encouraged him to be devout in his faith, and his unchanging values allow him to work for others completely (Carter "The Making of A Peacemaker").

When his father was dying with cancer, Jimmy came...