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The setting of the novel moved from one place to another. First, the setting

took place in Yorkshire (Borthwick Hall) and now its moved to London (Strand-on-the-

Green). This place affected the character, Emma very much. As Emma moved to new

place her mood changed with that too. She was happy and very well behaved to her step-

father and her mother Harriet. Her feelings and thoughts changed as she starts living in her

new house. As the setting moved, the plot also changed. Emma start loving everything that

she used to hate in Yorkshire. She forgot about her father who didn't treat her well. The

atmosphere also changed as the setting shifted. There were many houses around Emma's

house unlike her old house, which was in the mid of trees and jungle and no house and

community. The new house really affected Emma, now she had friends and she was very

good-humored all the time.

She was praying that she is now out of trouble. Now she was

acting like she doesn't know what really happened in Yorkshire and she doesn't want to

think about the incident in Yorkshire. Now everything was started to go in the right track.

Emma had no complaint about her mother and father, like she used to blame for everything

to her mother in her previous house. The environment of London changed Emma. It made

her mood so pleasant. Emma has an intense feeling of emotions for Timothy, her friend and

she wrote a good-bye letter to him that shows that how much she was attached to him.

Furthermore, There is an example of pathetic fallacy in the book and that is " the weird

therapies of air and sun made me rough in Borthwick hall" said Emma to Timothy in the



Emma who is the protagonist of this novel changed and expanded in the end of the

story. She changed after she moved in London. Emma evolved with the people in her

neighborhood. However, Emma learned and discovered many things as she gone through

the novel. She noticed that she had been a very superstitious and mysterious person in

Yorkshire (Borthwick Hall). She was crazy about the mystery. She also learned that how a

woman gave her life up only for her son. The other characters felt good about Emma,

especially her mom Harriet who supported her and took care of her. She knew that Emma

just had a shock from the mystery, So Harriet and his stepfather Simon tried to make her

happy and give all the happiness of the world. Harriet forgive all the mistakes that Emma

did with her mother. I think that Emma is a brave girl that solved the mystery and I also

think that she is gone through a lot of hardship. I can say this because after she moved to

her new house she took a big sigh of relief that shows she had a big burden on her

shoulders and now its gone. I would like to give a piece of advice to the main character

Emma, that she took the mystery very seriously that I don't think that she shouldn't

investigate it a lot. I think she should've ignore the problem and support her mother

because it was only her mother in her life and the way she rejected her in Yorkshire

doesn't seem good to me. She blamed her mother for every single thing. So, what I think is

that she should been a nice girl to her mother.

Theme and Message:

The theme of the novel is "detestation". Emma is the one who uncovers the local

history of the house. In the Yorkshire (Borthwick Hall) that always scare Emma and

disturb her everyday and when Emma shouted for help shows that the theme of the novel is

horror. Another example is that when Emma had a fight with Samuel who was invisible

also made her so scared that every single day in Borthwick Hall was like a hell to her.

Emma has some consternation in her mind. The message of the novel is to inform people

that there is always some story behind something. I think this is the message because first

Emma didn't know anything about the house but slowly she found everything and she

discovered a story about Grey's family. Another reason that I think is that Yorkshire

moors, is a house with a past - A past that threatened Emma's present. I think this is the

theme and message of the novel " The Summer of the Haunting".