Iraq 2006 Looks Like Vietnam 1966

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The on-going war in Iraq has been a very unpopular war, even more still after rumors of a second draft made it to the ears of the general public late in 2004 and analysts starting making connections to Vietnam. Now, two years later more and more people are noticing the similarities between the two wars.

Many will say that America was justified in going to Iraq. In the beginning the United States believed that their were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that at the time intelligence pointed to Saddam Hussein as posing an immediate threat to America. The US also argued that Iraq was a terrorist state and the Iraqi people needed to be liberated and that Saddam and Osama Bin Laden had strong connections. President Bush used this evidence as the reason for starting the war, even though UN weapon inspectors found nothing before the war and that the UN decided that Iraq was not a threat.

Now, 4 years after the war started there hasn't been any solid evidence that Iraq was a threat to the US or had any nuclear weapons at the cost of thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The deceptions made by the Bush Administration so that they could start the Iraq War are reminiscent of the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, "The Gulf of Tonkin incident," where it was thought that the Vietnamese attacked two American ships, though it is widely regarded as being false. This incident led to an escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.

As it was mentioned in the opening paragraph their have been rumors of a second military draft that started people remembering Vietnam. Though soon after the connections were made President Bush and other American government officials have assured the public many times that there...