The influence of schools.

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There have been very few common occurrences in my lifetime. Now that I think of it there has been very little constant of anything in my life. I guess I have always lived in a general area and been around the same family but outside of that I haven't been part of anything consistent.

One thing that has happened throughout my life is from elementary school to middle school to high school and college is that I have always ended up going to a different school that was new and I didn't know anyone. This may be hard for some people and easy for others and I don't mind it really because over the years I have gotten used to it.

It all started in elementary school when I first went to St. Thomas Aquinas. I was in kindergarten and my teacher was Mrs. Philpot. I wasn't exactly sure why I was there and what I was doing but my mom took me everyday and picked me up everyday.

I remember I ate Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in brown bags every day. It was a simple time of just learning how to read, count, and recite the alphabet. I believe I did well in school and got along with the kids in class. A lot of these kids I ended up being in the same class with all the way up to 5th grade. It was an interesting experience in all and was a good time for me. I believed I would spend my entire K-8 school experience with these same people until a bump in the road came about. My mom and father fought a lot over money and decided to take me and my sister out of private school and put me in public school.

My first...