What if you could see the future?

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It was a small, circular, mysterious mirror. When Eric picked it up, he saw his crystal clear reflection, enhanced by the smooth, silver glass. He looked up out of the old boxes he was rummaging through to find the rest of his dimly lit garage. He could hear kids playing outside and he rubbed his hands together, trying to remove the sting of the bitter cold. He picked up the mirror, and took it into his mansion of a house in a quiet, peaceful suburb.

It was a Midwestern winter, and the days were short, bringing cold nights whistled with the sounds of speeding cars flying down the highway. Eric heard the piercing call from his mother. "Eric, we're going to McDonald's. What do you want us to bring you back?" Eric thought about it a moment, and responded in his low, heavy voice. "I'm not hungry right now.

Go ahead." "You really should eat!" she yelled back. He didn't respond. Instead, he went into his room, mirror in hand.

Eric had long been obsessed with the paranormal, reading books of ghosts, demons, and angels. It was in these books that he learned of foretelling the future through the use of mirror glass. He remembered about the cool antique mirror and figured he would give the ancient art a shot. He opened up the book, looked at some procedures, and followed the instructions.

He set out the fancy purple cloth on his desk and placed the circular mirror down upon it. He then eagerly looked into the book and slowly chanted the specified gibberish

in slow, broken Latin. With that, he blew out his candles, waiting as the book said, for the mirror's powers to unlock. Nothing happened.

He got up from the chair in expectation that it wouldn't...