The Hunt That Started it All

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Growing up I was a typical child playing with Tonka trucks, bicycles, Legos and BB guns. My parents told me never to shoot animals with my gun unless I was going to eat them. One morning, I decided to shoot a rabbit in my backyard. When I brought the animal to my dad, he looked at me with a smile. Dad proceeded to show me how to clean the animal and prepare it for an upcoming meal. From then on I began to hunt squirrels, foxes, and doves in my father's hunting club. Hunting became almost an everyday hobby for me. Several years later, while watching television, I saw a whitetail deer hunt and the entire program fascinated me. After seeing the program, I decided to gather all the information I could about whitetail deer hunting. As the months past, as continued researching whitetail deer and longing to get the chance to hunt the majestic animal, although I was very nervous about the hunt.

I recall thinking," What if I forget something or I miss the deer?" Finally, the time came when I was able to go hunting for whitetail deer in my dad's hunting club.

Getting up at four in the morning was not something I was accustom to but I was willing to do anything to get the opportunity to go hunting for the whitetail deer. I got dressed very quickly because the night before I set all of my hunting gear out. While driving to my dad's hunting club, I saw four deer leap across the road which made me speed up so I could get to my stand quickly. The excitement was almost too much for me to handle, but I became more relaxed when I saw the great oak trees that lined the...