Hosiery market in Taiwan

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In this case of hosiery market in Taiwan, Glamour Girl, who manufactures and markets pantihouse with brand name "American Women" wants to enter Taiwan market. They had asked the research partners Taiwan to conduct a market research for them. Glamour girl also provided a research brief.

* Market Research brief provided by Glamour Girl

- Assessment of hosiery market of Taiwan

- Advice regarding what would be the most appropriate mode of entry

- Information relating to marketing mix decisions

- Consumer Purchasing aspects

- Place of purchase

- Degree of search

- Purchasing criteria

- Role of brand image and loyalty

- Price Sensitivity

- Aspects of using (i.e consuming) pantihose

- Regularity of wearing

- Occasions worn

- Length of usage per pair

- Styles preferred

- Quality (local brands VS. imported brands)

But, according to our analysis the research brief is not sufficient and they need some additional information like;

- Local distribution channel

- Local competitive situation

- Government rules and regulations relating FDI

- Market entry risks

- Market size, growth and potential

- Local infrastructure

- Economic and social culture

- Import information in Taiwan

- Exit Strategy

Key Issues:

The key issues that they need to address before entering the Taiwanese market are;

1. Information about the Taiwan and consumer goods market

2. What Marketing Research methodology to be used and

3. What should be the appropriate mode of entry in Taiwan

Now in this report we are going analyze these issues and try to address them using international marketing concepts.

1. Information about Taiwan

A. Geography:

Taiwan has an area of 4,000 square miles, and three major citesTaipei (Capital), Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan. The climate is tropical, marine, with rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August) and cloudiness is persistent and extensive...