History of Alabama between the years 1825 and 1856(speech)

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I am here to talk to you about the history of Alabama. The period I will be telling you about is between the year 1825 and 1856. (the years that are not mentioned nothing important happened)

The capital of Alabama was Tuscaloosa in 1826. In 1830 the population of Alabama was 309527 people which consisted of 190406 whites and 119121 African Americans and only 1572 were free from slavery. Nat Turner slave insurrection in Virgina was in 1831.

The countries first textile mill was a bell factory in Madison country. In the same year Alabama got its first railroad which stretched for 2 miles in the year 1832.Gold rush hit the state of Alabama in 1835 in the eastern part of the state. The states first prison was built in 1839 and the first convict which was incarcerated in 1842. The capital of Alabama moved to Montgomery in 1846.

During the thirtieth anniversary of Alabamas statehood the capital city Montgomery was destroyed by fires. But Montgomery was rebuilt by 1851. In 1852 Alabamas senator William Rufus King was elected as the vice president of America. Alabama Coal Mining Company was the countries first underground mining company in the year 1856 which was situated near Montevallo.