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Throughout this paper I will discuss three articles that I chose that deal with the holocaust. I will summarize their contents and include a bit of my insight about how textbooks and articles differ in regards to how information is presented to the reader. What individuals read about certain topics depend on how much information they will receive and how much research they will have to do in order to get the information they need to get the whole picture of the event.

The first article that I will touch on will be from the L.A Times and it is dated 2 October 1945. The name of the article is Mass Murder of 80,000 told. This article is about a doctor who is testifying in a court case. He is briefly discussing about that he witnessed firsthand how the entire city of Lodz, Poland was exterminated in one night by the German soldiers and how horrific it was to witness this firsthand.

This article also briefly describes the site where the incident happened and how the bodies where disposed of afterwards. I believe that this story is being presented from a person that assisted in committing these horrific acts and now wants to seem as if he was force to help. I understand that sometimes during a time of war that most individuals have to do certain things in order to stay alive, but if in fact, someone could help in murdering someone because of certain beliefs and race then in fact that person has to reevaluate who they are and what they really stood for during those times. After reading the article 3 times over I could actually vision the acts that were being carried out in Auchwitz. I have often visited the site and have heard stories from...