Health and safety: Heat & temperature in the workplace

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There are many health and safety hazards the worker must to face in the workplace. For example, heat stress is one of the potential hazards of the worker's health and safety. Heat stress has been existed in the workplace from formerly to nowadays. Despite the humanity is aware the hazard of the heat stress and try to prevent the injury or heat and safety risk of the heat stress, the problem of the heat stress still not completely solved. Bohle, P and Quinlan, M (2000, p.11) noted that workers from a wide range of the occupations encounter extremes heat on either a periodic or regular basis as part of their tasks. It is hard to the worker to avoid the extreme heat hazard because it is their jobs. Then, the purpose of this essay is to elucidate how and why the heat stress as potential hazard influence the occupation and health and safety of the worker and the reason will be exhibited by three closely associated reasons.

First, theory was used to identify and explain the heat stress. Second, base on the theory, it will be more exhibition of the cause of the heat stress when the workers were on duty. Third, the excessive heat can cause a number of health effects.

Some theory was used to identify and explain the heat stress. Heat stress can be identified that working or playing where it is hot puts stress on the body's cooling system. When the heat is combined with other stresses such as hard physical work, loss of fluids, fatigue or some other condition, it may lead to heat-related illness, disability and even death. This can happen to anybody--even if you are young and strong. Particularly, heat stress is a serious issue in industrial work environments. In occupations where...