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The Harlem Children's Zone was founded in 1990, by Geoffrey Canada. It is a ground-breaking, nonprofit, community based organization that works to enhance the quality of life for the children and families in some of New York's City' s most devastated neighborhoods. The program was formerly known as Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families. Harlem Children's Zone also knows as HCZ Inc centers serviced a vast number of children and families, many that are considered high risk. The emphasis on the work of the HCZ is not just on education, social services, and recreation, but on rebuilding the structure of community life.

My agency's name is White Deer Run / CRC Health a drug and alcohol treatment facility. We are committed to providing each client with therapy that is tailored to their individual needs. Our services include detoxification, inpatient treatment, day treatment, intensive out patient programs, aftercare and therapeutic living programs.

Our core values are center around providing the highest quality care embracing the values of integrity, compassion, responsible clinical excellence. Delivering a seamless system of affordable services to surround lifelong care that supports the possibilities of relapse rates and setting the standard of excellence in the fields of chemical dependence and behavioral health. We believe that this flawless range of flexible treatment is the key to developing long recovery and low recidivism rates. As a result of our program, we have been designated as a preferred provider by many major insurance companies, managed care organizations, labor union health, welfare trust funds, publicly funded agency's, self funded businesses, educational, social, medical services, employment, recreational, housing, lawyers, and family support programs.

On September 1, 2004 a young adult by the name of Sharon Williams age 16 came into our agency with a multitude of issues associated with drug and alcohol usage.