How Greengrocer has implemented electronic commerce in their business

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Downloaded 55 times has implemented e-commerce in their business through the internet services (AOL) in order to connect customers, suppliers, and partners. Consumers need to feel comfortable and confident with the online systems, from getting the information about the products, ordering, paying, tracking to receiving the products (Barnett and Alexander, 2003, cited in Kurnia and Schubert, 2004, pp. 1-18). In order to create that comfort and confidence, Greengrocer has adopted the following,

1. Offers a money back guarantee service

To overcome difficulties associated with the inability of consumers to physically see, smell, touch, taste and hear their purchases, and therefore making them unsure of the exact nature of their product, is offering a money back guarantee and certain benefit possibilities.

2. ;Online credit card transactions has adopted the online Credit Card transactions, that support VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard, Diners Club and American Express (, 2006).

3. Secure credit card transactions

Security for e-commerce businesses is constantly being improved, protecting consumers from previous concerns with the possibility of credit-card theft, computer hackers, and the instance of lost purchases. uses sophisticated technologies to provide transaction security. They use 128-bit encryption through the use of a security certificate provided by Verisign (, 2006). Their secure server software encrypts customers' credit card number, name and address (, 2006).

4. Customer account data (Customer database)

Greengrocer keeps a record of all the customer's personal details when they register online in their website to use their service.

5. Orders are made through the internet by customers (sell by unit, not by weight) is an online service that is only able to take orders over the internet (, 2006). In addition, Greengrocer is selling their products by unit, not by weight like the supermarkets. The management of decided that the most efficient and simplest way...