Grammar land

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Now as the pixie led on into the deep dark cave,

He smiled and said "I hope you are brave, If you like dreams full of fairies and mystical creatures,

Do not follow me into this nightmare, for there are no such features."

Now I did not answer because I was a tad bit frightened,

I wanted to see what was at the end of this cave, my curiosity was heightened.

So I followed him into my nightmare of the deep dark cave,

Following the glowing pixie I felt less and less brave.

I trudged on in the dark, into the screaming silence.,

Hoping my nightmare would not involve violence.

Suddenly the pixie darted ahead,

I couldn't see his light, he abandoned me, left me for dead.

I started to chase him running faster and faster,

But then the silence broke! A cackling laughter.

As soon as I started running I tripped on a stone,

Who happened to be alive and let out a moan!

"You disrupted my sleep and now you must pay!"

O my I thought what a horrible day!

Then ever so slightly the floor started to shake,

Then all of a sudden the whole cave was A quake!

Ahhhhh! I was screaming! I fell throught the floor!

I fell deeper and deeper into the earths core.

The ground rudely interrupted my very long fall,

But it wasn't hard ground, it didn't hurt at all.

The grass was green, slightly covered in frost,

The sky was blue, I felt happy to be lost.

Ha Ha! I cried out, PIXIE THIS IS BUT A DREAM!

Then his voice said heehawed.... Just wait, you'll see what I mean.

Look at the creatures running around,

Look at the sky, just look at the ground!

I looked around and about, and...