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It is the goal of the team to provide a quality consulting firm. Through the education the team has received at the University of Phoenix, they feel that they are well equipped. First, the team will evaluate each team member's skills. Second, the team will discuss three possible consulting firms that match their skills. Next, the team will discuss the pros and cons of each consulting firm. Last, the team will choose the firm of choose and explain why this firm is better suited for the team. The team feels very enthusiastic of the firm of choice and looks forward to all the challenges and rewards this assignment has to offer.

Learning Team Skills

Throughout the course here at the University of Phoenix the learning team has acquired and enhanced some personal and professional skills. The learning team and Consulting Firm consist of Rudy Mejia, Brandy Ware, Joe Garza, and Michelle Mellenthin and together they form "The Visions".

Rudy Mejia has an outstanding wealth of knowledge with the following: analyzing, managerial, training, computer skills and has gained knowledge within the math and research ideals. Brandy Ware adds to the team marvelous skills within drafting, special events, secretarial, customer service, computer skills, musical talents, along with expertise in day care, and accounting. Michelle Mellenthin also brings skills in administrative, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll fields, has been gained and enhanced upon being a team leader, marketing & sales strategies, and expanded with computer skills. Last but not least Joe Garza adds to the team with interests and proficiency with lighting design, research, managerial knowledge, teaching and training techniques, and brilliant computer skills. The firm has combined knowledge and expertise in just about every field that is needed in order to be successful. Although each member is well-rounded individuals, the team needs...